It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s coming up on a year of unemployment, self-imposed. The first six months I needed to get things in order and figure out where I was going to be, what my next career choice would need to be, and what I had to do for myself to create a sustainable life. After that, it was quite a bit of hits and misses. They seem to be continuing. I have no problem getting a job. It just needs to be the RIGHT one. 

Most of us take things out of desperation. I’m desperate, too. I have debt piled to the ceiling. But…. I know that my worth is much greater that what some of these jobs are willing to pay for what they are asking me to do. I can easily take it and dredge through. But I will suffer, my marriage will suffer, and my life will be utterly pointless. I don’t need to wake up with dread every morning and have a boss that reminds me of my former stepmother. 

I’ve already lived that life. I survived that life. I don’t want to survive anymore. I want a complete life. I want to have a chance at recovery and joy. If that’s asking for too much, then I don’t know what else there is to do.  

How many others of you are stuck in positions that have nothing to do with your passion? How many others of you are on autopilot? How many others are working for someone who can bark orders but never physically do any work themselves? 

Live a life your proud of, or you’re not really living. I had 27 years of not living. I can’t afford anymore. 


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