Taking a Personal Inventory

How many of us tend to blame the outside world and other people for our problems? Sure, they probably play a part in it. But what role do you play? What responsibility do you take? Any? All? I’m guilty of playing the victim, the poor me, and the insecure, powerless one. I fail to even attempt things I want to do because of fear. I accept things I shouldn’t accept and don’t try to change them because the thought never even occurred to me that I could change them. 

I recently took a personal inventory of my flaws and my assets. I found it much easier to accept my flaws and speedily write them down. My assets, although I did eventually rack up quite a few, were harder to come by. If someone asked me to define myself, I’d struggle with my very own definition. My sense of self is very minimal and it’s almost like I look at myself as a spectator. I keep that mentality of I’ll be okay eventually instead of saying, ” I’m okay now.” I’ve struggled with being what I thought people wanted to see from me. I played a part, became very good at shoving down my feelings, opinions, and self. 

Taking a personal inventory is very eye-opening and also very tough. It allows me to take responsibility for the things I want to change in my life. It gives me back the power and the choice. But it also has ripped me a new one when I’ve realized how much I’ve let slide in my life. It makes me realize that some of those decisions I’ve made weren’t all that great. It  allows me to see the resentments I’ve held onto because of ego. It helps me see that when my self-esteem and security are threatened, I retreat inside myself. 

If you had to take a personal inventory, what flaws and assets would be on your list? What changes would you clearly see you need to make? Could you define yourself? 

Interesting things to take a further look at. I hope all of my readers are having a fabulous week and have an adventure filled weekend. 


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