Don’t Deny Your Truth

” When I stop denying the truth, it loses its power to destroy me.” – Voices of Recovery 

I think many of us feel a sense of shame over uncontrollable things. Our ego and our pride tells us that we’re somehow not good enough as we are, so we must deny who we authentically are and create something better. By doing this, we create and perpetuate misery because we are not being true to ourselves. I know this is especially true for myself. I was so busy making sure that everyone else’s world was okay, that I forgot to check in on my world. 

I always have felt like an outcast, not surprisingly, I’m finding that many others have, too. That’s the beauty of sharing your experience and story with others- you see that you’re not alone in your truths. I felt that by hiding behind my past, my eating disorder, and my Obsessive Compulsiveness, I was not getting the support I needed. These are not definitions of who I am, but they are a part of me. I do struggle with them daily, but they also have led me to find out some amazing things about myself. 

For example, if you need something done and you want the attention to detail that only an obsessive compulsive person can obtain- I’m your girl! Not everything about a disease or illness or even an experience has to be a struggle. It remains difficult through denial. People tend to want to fight themselves on these type of issues because they don’t want to have the issue in the first place. However, denial leads to destruction. Fighting yourself while the rest of the world fights you is a lonely place. 

Let go and ease into your self. We all have our own secrets, our own depth.No one is unique in the fact that they struggle with their identity and truth. We all do. So why not just try to acknowledge and embrace it? 


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